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Historic Homes Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines

In 2019, The City of Fredericksburg entered into a contract with HHM & Associates along with Winter & Company to create new design guidelines for historic properties. The guidelines are a guide for the community, City Staff, and the Fredericksburg Historic Review Board to use when evaluating the appropriateness of exterior changes to buildings and new construction proposed within the local historic district and local landmarks. A secondary, but equally important purpose of this document is to convey to the property owner the appropriate methods of improving their historic property. The guidelines are a resource for property owners, builders, architects and realtors to use in order to: 1) understand the reasons for; 2) the proper methods of; and 3) the overall benefits of historic preservation both to the individual and the community as a whole.

Current Design Guidelines

  1. Design Guidelines (1997)

(The Guidelines are 94 pages on City site)