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Buying Small Ranches for Sale? Here is What You Should Know First!

Whether you want to live off the land or raise and sell animals, your dream of buying small ranches for sale in Texas Hill Country is within reach. But before you sign any papers, make sure you know what you are getting.

Here are five things every first-time rancher needs to know before they buy small ranches for sale in Texas Hill Country:

  • You have to learn how to manage animal waste.
  • Your neighbors will probably be distant and hard to reach during emergencies.
  • You can’t have large animals on less than 5 acres of land.

To provide enough drinking water for your livestock, you’ll need a well that’s at least 400 feet deep or a spring or creek on your property.

The landscape will shift, so you’ll need to constantly check for holes and openings in fences that could cause animals to escape.

If the idea of owning your ranch has you daydreaming of days spent rambling across the Texas Hill Country, then it might be time to start making those dreams a reality. Before you begin your search, here are some things you should know about buying a small ranch in Texas.

What type of property do you own?

In Texas, there are different types of land ownership. Surface rights generally cover the structure and the land directly surrounding it. Mineral rights, however, cover the oil and gas that may be under the land. If you purchase a ranch with surface rights only, you will have no right to the water or minerals beneath it. However, this means that if somebody else has purchased the mineral rights to your land, they will have free reign to drill for oil or even dig up the ground beneath your cattle’s feet! You won’t see any money from these activities either—it all goes straight into their pocket.

Zoning and Land Use

Check with the local zoning commission about zoning requirements for your property. You may also need to apply for a permit if you build anything on your land. For example, if you plan to construct a barn or add a pond, be sure to check first.

Your ranch should be zoned appropriately for what you intend. It is significant to check with your local authorities to determine if a property is zoned for that purpose before you buy. It could hinder your ability to use the property in the way you intended.

Access to Utilities in Small Ranches for Sale

If you don’t already have access to utilities like electricity and water, you may need to install them yourself. Check with the local utility company before getting a quote on installation costs. If there is no access to public utilities and it would cost too much to install private utilities, then consider buying land that already has them.

Consider the type of lifestyle you want

Would you like an active community where neighbors regularly gather at local restaurants and cafes? Or are you more interested in rural living where there is plenty of peace?

You will also need to consider how far away from town or city life can be. Some people enjoy having their private getaway, while others prefer being close enough for convenient shopping trips into town when needed.